cap liner quality inspectionsQuality Inspections

Our distributorship customers say we make them look great; and that is just fine with us!

We provide 100% quality inspections that also validate molded closures for use long before defective product ever reaches your customer.

We can line any closure shape, size & using virtually any currently available lining material within the packaging industry including Top-Tab, Lift-n-Peel, Heat Seal, Pressure Seal, Cosmetic Liner, Safe-guard, Foilseal, F-217, PS-22, MF-514, Tri-Shield, LP-217, Tri-Foil WP and Teflon-bonded to substrate materials.

protective cap liners

Product Sampling

At Danbury we offer, sampling, up to 24 pcs. produced at no cost to you, sent to your customer directly for product evaluation.

If we are advised in advance who the project is for, we will not work with them on your program, rather we take great pride in safeguarding the interests of our valued distributorship customers! Also, we can rework old/long standing lined inventory and reline with a compatible product for whatever your customer requires.