End Usersclosure lining solutions of Cap Linings

A Stress Free Cap Lining Process

You have a product to bring to market, only it requires a closure seal also known as a cap liner.  That is where we come in!  In this fast changing industry it pays to remain nimble and so we understand the pressures small to mid sized companies face, and it is our pleasure to make the cap lining process as stress free as possible.

We can also become a stocking location by accepting blanket orders with scheduled releases enabling companies to purchase a larger quantity of unlined caps at a reduced price. Having lined at a lower cost yet only being invoiced as released from Danbury Plastics' warehouse - saving valuable space in their own factories!

Removing the Guesswork from the Cap Lining Process

We can make suggestions for lining material solutions, correct any leakage issues you may have experienced with other cap lining services.

heat induction seals

Cap Lining with Fast Turnaround

Time is money; every minute counts, which is why we provide some of the fastest cap lining turnaround times. But just as important as fast turnaround is superior quality!  That is why at Danbury Plastics, Inc. we provide 100% Quality inspections!  Unheard of in our industry, our proven methods get the job done fast.

Cap Lining Materials

We can line any closure shape, size & using virtually any currently available lining material within the packaging industry including Top-Tab, Lift-n-Peel, Heat Seal, Pressure Seal, Cosmetic Liner, Safe-guard, Foilseal, F-217, PS-22, MF-514, Tri-Shield, LP-217, Tri-Foil WP and Teflon-bonded to substrate materials.

Whether you are placing your first cap lining order or you are a seasoned pro, give us a try, we will help you choose the perfect material and get your order processed quickly.  After all, if related to caps, your problems are our concern!